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Amazon is the biggest online retail store in the world and here we find everything we need, in most cases. This is why we developed a free Amazon gift card codes generator, which you can use to get digital gift card codes for Amazon. You can redeem these codes for your account, whenever you want,  and each code will increase you Amazon account balance with an amount between $100 and $150. You can get these codes by downloading the program we just developed, and you will find out how to do that in the guide below. Otherwise, if you are just interested to grab some codes, without downloading this program you can download our daily updated list with working codes.

Watch this short video and you will understand how to get free Amazon gift card codes for your account in less than 10 minutes.

As you have seen, it’s simple to get this program, it’s simple to use and you can add money in your Amazon account in minutes. After you will top up your Amazon account you can use these money to buy anything you want from Amazon, from any country.

Next, if necessary, read the full guide below, where we explain step by step how to get free Amazon gift card codes using this program.

How to get free Amazon gift card codes

  1. Download our Amazon Gift card codes generator. If you don’t use a Windows PC or you just want to download some working free amazon gift card codes, you can download our daily list of working codes, by clicking here.
  2. Our free amazon gift card codes generatorIf you choose to download our gift card generator, rather that daily working codes, you should follow steps below. First you have to download it here, and then you have to generate about 10-20 amazon gift codes. You need about 10-20 codes because there is not a 100% success rate. If you would like to redeem $1000 dollars into your amazon account you will need about 20 codes.
  3.  After you generate about 10-20 gift card codes, go to, log into your account, go to Redeem Cards and try to redeem as many codes as you like. Not all generated gift card codes will work, this is the reason why you should generate about 10-20 codes. Try to redeem all of them, and you account balance will rise up to $1000 dollars. How to redeem free amazon gift card codes
  4. Click on Redeem button and wait for server confirmation. If your code worked your account balance will be increased by $100. Please keep in mind that not all generated codes are working. So, in order to get $300 in you amazon account you will need to generate about 4-5 codes.After you find a valid code, you will get a message similar to picture below:2013 working amazon gift card codes success page
  5. You are all set. We recommend to you redeem at most 10 working amazon codes in a week, this means about $800 – $1000 dollars, enough for a lot of shopping. If you abuse these codes it is possible to get your account suspended.

Download our tool

28 Apr 2017 update: If you face compatibility issues with our lastest version for this generator you can try the older version which is .NET framework independent. As ours visitors requested, we decided to publish this older version – you can download it here: Avoid .NET Framework compatibility error, DOWNLOAD this older version.

We don’t know if this approach it’s allowed legal, but it works for certain within the most cases. You are allowed to use this tool any way you like so long as you do not misuse it and fill your Amazon accounts with thousands of money every week. We really do not assume any duty for your usage of this particular amazon coupon codes and you simply make use of it on your personal risk.

How our free Amazon gift card codes generator looks like ?

How to get free gift cards for amazon

Our Gift Card Codes Generator

Our Amazon Gift card codes generator has a simple interface, a one-button application that generate amazon gift cards. For now, it doesn’t support updates, which means that you have to check here for future updates. The main advantage of this gift card codes generator it’s our amazon working cards database. Based on them, our generator it’s working quite good.

As amazon said: Gift Cards are redeemable store wide, have no fees, and never expire. Send gift cards by e-mail, Facebook, printing at home, or mail with Free One-Day Shipping. NEW in gift cards: video gift cards featuring you and your friends, use a personal photo, suggest an item, send in a free gift box, or buy in bulk.  Also, amazon gift card you generate using our tool are also redemable storewide and have no fees, cause you will use our tool to simply guess new amazon gif card codes.

Not a Windows User ? Download our daily updated list

Daily list of working free amazon gift card codesIf you are using another device excepting Windows PC, like Linux/Mac, smartphone or tablet, you can download our daily updated list of free amazon gift card codes. We update this list at least once a day with about 20 fresh generated codes. There are a lot of visitors and you should check it from time to time, in order to find our latest updated codes.

Click here to daily list of working codes.

Codes list updated on Friday, 28 April 2017 .

Again, you can watch this movie for understanding how this program works. This movie was taken of other website we own, but the tool is the same.

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